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The Grapevine

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B is for … Blush

What is a blush we hear you ask?

Some people think it's down to the sweetness of the wine; blush being sweeter than a rosé.

Others believe it relates to the colour; blush = lighter, richer pinks = rosé.

Actually it can be all or none of the above!

In reality blush is a rosé and rosé is a blush, they are both pink and can be bone dry, fairly sweet or even sparkling. How about that!

Pink wines are growing in popularity in the UK, but beware, wine makers supplying cheaper styles know the current trend is towards the lighter pink salmon coloured blush wines and have all manner of tricks to get the desired shade.

Another reason why we like to buy small batch wines from boutique vineyards!

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Friday, 25 September 2020

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