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Sarah's Luxxury Case

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I am often asked, which is my favourite wine, it's such a hard question for me to answer as I've chosen all the wines we have in stock for various reasons, but the primary reason I choose a wine is that its a great quality wine for the price we're paying.

So I decided to create two cases of my current favourites, this is my case of Luxxury wine with 2 xx's as they are extra special. Each wine in this case has a story to tell, for example the Malbec is from one of the highest Vineyards in the world a journey that takes the wine maker 4 hours to complete, the Soave vines are cut and the grapes left on the vine for a few days so as to encourage the sugars to intensify resulting in a truly special wine.

There's so much to say about all the wines but you'll have to order a case to find out more in the notes that accompany it. 



1 x Pra Soave
Italian Soave at it's very best.

1 x Sancerre Les Gordons 
A beautiful Sancerre from a Vineyard that has been owned for 9 generations of the same family 

1 x Angeline Chardonnay 
Perfectly elegant

1 x Blondie Pinot Noir Rose 
Favourite of Reese Witherspoon & Sarah Whitford!

1 x Paolo Leo Salice Salentino 
Once tried never put aside

1 x Icono Malbec - Argentina
ahh the Lunacy of this winemaker is something to inspire anyone.


*Please note that if a wine becomes unavailable we will substitute with a wine of similar quality and style, and the same or higher value.


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